Doobdasher reviews for Sative products


Sativa is the long, thin leaved variety of marijuana, which results in an enervating mixture. It is usually grown in hot climates such as those of Colombia and Mexico. The branches of a Sativa are usually very long and light green in colouring. The plants grow up to be around two to four feet. Some varieties of Sativa are grown in Afghanistan as well. This is perhaps more widely used as compared to Indica or hybrids, because it goes easy on your brain and senses. It has less side effect as well as withdrawal symptoms. Doobdasher has a vast variety of sativa products, which are of the best quality, in addition to giving you the best rates.

Here are some of the best Sativa Doobdasher’s Products:

  1. Super Lemon Haze
    Doobdasher’s Super Lemon Haze is a very unique, yet advantageous marijuana mixture. This one is slightly less potent than other products. It’s used more for confidence as well as good for unwinding after a long day. It has a relatively low CBD, but it has many advantages. Not only does it help with your mood but it has also been reported to be helpful to people with eating disorders.
  2. Candyland
    technically this is a hybrid, more of a crossbreed. It is mostly used for an added kick of vitality during the day, or as an injection to relax and calm yourself at the end of the day. It promotes creativity and attention span is also increase. It has an incredible 19% THC. This is the kind of weed that you can share with your guests and friends without a worry. It’s very effective to relieve stress and tension, as well as melancholia.
  3. Purple Space Cookies
    Another hybrid with a sativa dominance, it is the mixture of Durban Poison and Girl Scout Cookies. This again is a very fancy joint, because of it’s diamond like texture as well as the bright purple color. A very satisfying and euphoric mixture, it has a pleasant taste that doesn’t seem funky on the tongue, and also will not leave you with a dry mouth or retching feeling afterwards. The hint or blueberry makes it very good to taste, and even the smoke is incredible. Doobdasher makes sure to make the best quality PSC, so you can get the full visual and mental high that you want.
  4. Doobdasher’s best selling Agent Orange Shatter
    This is also a half breed marijuana type, with a dominant sativa effect. The impact and flavor of this is incredible. Very careful adjusted with the right proportion, it will be like magic on your senses It is a rather fancy blend, with citrusy and orange scent, and slightly flavored too. It is also visually appealing since it has incredible shades of purple and maroon, amidst green, so it is say to say that this mixture is nothing less than a treat. Whenever you feel down or lethargic, this one is sure to life your spirits.

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