Who Doesn't Want to Be a Millionaire?

Whether you are even more of a Jeopardy individual or a Wheel Of Fortune enthusiast, game shows have a way of appealing to each niche in the overall population. If you are somebody who dreams of winning the lottery, falling into a massive amount of cash which you did not have the afternoon before, then programs like NBC's Deal or No Deal are most likely tantalizing: the chance of walking from a television studio with thousands and thousands of dollars (or, if you want to dream really big, possibly a full million) greater than you needed when you walked is something which many, many people wish and hope for. As a result shows that induce contestants to use their wisdom and test their fortune to get the chance have gotten popular.

Whether you've got a cable connection or a satellite TV, odds are you have seen two or a game show. Part of the reason is since they dream about becoming that person that is blessed, sitting in the middle of the stage, vying for a life changing sum of…
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